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 I think employers need to do more with new hires with regards to initial safety education training.  A lot of assumptions are made by management in many cases and my program is to help rid us of those assumptions and let the employees know that we value their safety.  I spent 36 years in the animal feed manufacturing business so I would say that I have pretty much seen it all.  If there was a mistake to be made, I have either made it or seen it made.  Our motto is IT IS NEVER TOO BUSY TO BE SAFE as we have all said at one time or another, I am sure, that "I didn't do that because I was too busy."  Also, we need to get rid of the mantra that "We have done it this way forever and nothing has happened."  This program will serve your annual training needs, as well.  I look forward to helping you show your people that you value their safety and that we are not just checking a box. 

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