Carmichael & Reed Monument Company


Cemetery Monuments


Woodside Granite has been hand-carving memorial stones for more than 40 years. Our highly skilled professionals use a combination of new technologies and ancient headstone engraving techniques to produce some of the finest memorials in the United States. Customize your memorial with confidence, helped at every step by skilled specialists. We include all standard design, lettering, and special phrases at no charge. Your wishes may change, but the cost remains the same.

In addition to customer-friendly pricing, we engrave and customize your memorial on site at our facilities. Unlike many monument providers, our sand-blasters train extensively in Barre, Vermont, the granite capital of the world. The result is superior quality you can see. Our hand-crafted etchings are second to none, and our streamlined logistics compress the total time to complete your memorial.

The team at Woodside Granite Industries has 150 years of experience in procuring, designing, manufacturing, and setting the finest memorials in western New York. In addition to a large library of existing digital designs and design elements, we regularly scan in photographs and/or create custom artwork. Custom etchings are a particular specialty. We also work directly with cemeteries in designing, procuring, assembling and installing columbariums and other specialty memorials.


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